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Hello Leithers!

I’m writing on behalf of my friend Helen Wilson, a Scottish Animal Artist,  to help raise the profile of her epic challenge of drawing 100 original sketches in 100 to raise money for the SSPCA (Scottish Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) – I have attached a sample sketch that WILL be included in the auction (each day at 10am a brand new sketch will be added onto her facebook page & people can bid for it – the highest bid at 10pm that same day wins the A3 original – they then pay via the justgiving page she has set up so all monies go directly to the SSPCA – people have been sending in pictures of their pets to be drawn as well as some staple wildlife/farm animal/generic dog/cat/horse pictures. The event runs until 11th May – its a HUGE undertaking as this is not Helen’s day job!!



by Helen Wilson Animal Art
Now Till 11th May
Only on Facebook 

Want to help support the Scottish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals? They rely only on our public donations!

Want to own an ORIGINAL, one-off animal sketch at a very affordable price?

Why not join the 100 Sketches in 100 Days Charity Event!

I will be drawing 100 original sketches in 100 days. Dogs, cats, horses, wildlife & farm animals. Some based on photos sent in by you!

An original sketch will be up for auction each day for 100 days and the highest bidder wins – with ALL proceeds going to the SSPCA.

A little bit of background……

Like you I love animals and like many people try to help animals in need. As I see the time and effort other people put in to help pets in danger or needing homes, I have increasingly felt I haven’t been doing enough. So after starting to think about how I could best contribute, the 100 Sketches idea started to develop.

Deciding on the animal charity was a tough one as so many need our help, but as a Scottish artist it made sense to start at home with the SSPCA. This charity receives no government or private funding and is also increasingly under pressure as the global financial situation means people are abandoning more and more animals.

So how does it work?

I will be drawing a sketch every day from the 1st February to 11th May and each sketch will be up for auction. That’s a sketch every day for one hundred days – yikes! I wonder if my drawing hand will still work at the end of this 

Sketches will be of all different types of animals – dog, cats, horses, farm animals and wildlife. In fact people have been sending in amazing photos and some sketches will be based on your photos – keep them coming!

The most important thing is that these sketches are all originals and whoever wins will own a unique item – a one-of-a-kind. They will not be reproduced anywhere else as either a print or a card.

The sketches will typically be A3 in size (approx. 59 cm by 42 cm).

They will mainly be in pastels or pencil and either in colour or B&W.

These won’t be like my fully finished portraits or originals that typically take 3 to 15 days! They will be looser, edgier, maybe a bit different? I have attached one sketch done to promote the event to give you a taste of what’s to come.

To maximise the amount of money raised for the SSPCA each sketch has a minimum bid of £10. Join in and make a bid knowing that you could own an original sketch, the only one in existence!!

So how do you join in?

It’s very easy to join in. Just follow me on Facebook by liking my page and look out for the 100 Sketches posting each day. Each sketch will be posted on my Facebook page by 10am each morning and the highest bidder by 10pm that day wins that day’s sketch!

To bid you just leave a comment with your bid for any sketch that takes your fancy. Remember it’s an auction and you may get out-bid. So get your ebay heads on and stay focused 

The winner pays for their sketch through the Just-Giving page so you can be reassured that all money is going direct to the SSPCA.

You have 48 hours to pay. If the winner doesn’t pay in time then the sketch is offered to the next highest bidder.

All postage and packaging will be paid by myself to anywhere in the world, but if anyone wants to send stamps, postal tubes, bottles of wine………. Seriously let me know.

How else can you help?

We want to reach as many people worldwide as we can to make this a huge success. So please please get your friends and family involved and re-post this to any other animal groups or clubs who would like to support and promote the event. Thank you!!!!





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