The Proclaimers: Frozen in time

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I remember distinctly my wife and I sitting up and looking at each other when two young men appeared on the 80s music show The Tube. Firstly it was the look, identical twins with glasses and pullovers? But when they started singing Throw the R Away, we both knew instinctively that something had been experienced, even if we weren’t sure what!

A short while after this I saw a poster for a Proclaimers gig at the Phoenix Bar in Inverness and immediately contacted the promoter, arranging to meet them off the bus and follow them around in the hope of documenting the occasion. It became apparent at the soundcheck (Letter from America, 500 miles) that Craig was having a problem with his throat and it was decided that they would have to cancel, so it was back to Charlie’s Café to wait for the bus south. They returned soon after and performed numbers from their, soon to be released, first album This is the Story to a jumping venue…



Blog: Richard Easson studied at Edinburgh Art College before working as a photographer on Scotland on Sunday and illustrating Easson’s Edinburgh he has produced five illustrated books on Dornoch, Tain and Cromarty and two children’s books. He also dabbles in acting including a ‘blink and you’ll miss him’ in Angels’ Share.

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