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Citadel Youth Centre set to launch ‘BUSINESS IN A BOX’ in Edinburgh

The Citadel, based in Leith, has teamed up with a group of students from Leith Academy in an innovative Card Selling social enterprise venture to facilitate participants in developing basic business skills for their future. With all the focus on current youth unemployment figures rising in Scotland, Joined up for Jobs in connection with an organisation called Heartstone  saw this as an inventive way to develop the business acumen of  some Edinburgh young people who alongside many others could be ‘at risk’ of leaving school without a positive destination.

The pioneering group have called themselves ‘Cards Fur You’ and are extremely excited to be welcomed into the City of Edinburgh Council Headquarters for their first pop up sales stall selling inexpensive but delightful nature Greeting cards & Christmas cards. The beauty of the project is that it is self-financing and thus does not have to stop.

Heartstone originally started in England with much success and now ‘Cards Fur You’ is one of 13 such businesses operating in Scotland who will come together in February for a joint photographic exhibition at Edinburgh castle. This exhibition aims to encourage entrepreneurship but most importantly, be the starting point for a network of contacts and a route to successfully meet a wide range of people or organisations from which work experience or employment can follow for the young people involved.

The young entrepreneurs are presently on the hunt for some new potential venues in the local community that would welcome their high quality Cards, beautiful exhibition stand and charming personalities to match. If you can accommodate them then please get in touch with Sharon or Rachel on 0131 554 0501 for further info.


Our First Pop up Stall Details

Venue: Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh

Wednesday 5th December 12-2pm




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  1. Zaigham Khan says:

    This exhibition aims to encourage entrepreneurship however most significantly, be the place to begin for a network of contacts and a route to with success meet a large vary of individuals or organisations from that work expertise or employment will follow for the young concerned Online Employee Management system.

  2. The pioneering cluster have referred to as themselves ‘Cards Fur You’ and area unit very excited to be welcome into town of Edinburgh Council Headquarters for his or her initial pop sales stall marketing cheap however pleasant nature salutation cards & Christmas cards online essay help.

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