Scottish Mental Health Film Fest

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The Scottish Mental Health Film Festival 2012 breaks new ground this year with previews of unreleased and rare films accompanied by lively discussion with guests, fans and filmmakers. The theme of this year’s Festival is ‘walk in my shoes’ and, with cinema uniquely placed to communicate another’s individual consciousness, the choice of films will take you on truly extraordinary journeys in someone else’s shoes. Screenings depicting a variety of human experience will take place up and down the country, from the Highlands to Paisley.

In Edinburgh, our screenings at the Filmhouse include the Scottish premiere of I, Anna starring Charlotte Rampling and Gabrielle Byrne, the directorial feature debut by Rampling’s son, Barnaby Southcombe and a visit from Jack Bond to talk about the film he made with Salvador Dali; Dali In New York. BMX Bandit Duglas Stewart features in the second Scottish outing of Serious Drugs, directed by Jim Burns and shortlisted for an award at the Portobello Film Festival (London) Awards. The screening is followed by a Q&A with Duglas and Jim.

In…Chariots of Fire director Hugh Hudson’s wife suffered a life-threatening brain injury. Rupture is a thoughtful documentary about actor and former Bond girl, Maryam D’Abo ’s recovery, and is followed by a panel discussion with Paul Broks, a neuropsychologist who will provide a professional perspective. Documentary filmmaker Nick Higgins, Creative Director of The Northern Lights Film Project, will show excerpts and discuss this remarkable filmmaking project.

Eddie Harrison, the Film Festival’s programmer, says: “The 2012 Film Festival programme is a forward looking selection of authored events, previews and rarities. We’re building on our reputation for presenting a diverse range of challenging and original work. I’m very grateful to the filmmakers, distributors and cinemas involved for helping to bring a bumper selection of films to our 2012 audience.

“Film is a highly accessible medium and in the past we’ve had great audience discussions. I’m hoping that this year with more filmmakers involved than ever before those discussions will be accessible and enjoyable to a wide audience.”

The Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival Open Film Submission also returns for its sixth year, culminating in The SMHAFF International Film Awards. This year’s competition saw a diverse range of submissions from Scottish, British and European filmmakers, as well as entries from as far afield as Canada, Australia and India. The very best of these films will be honoured at the SMHAFF 2012 International Film Awards Ceremony at Filmhouse, Edinburgh on Wednesday 24 October.


DALI IN NEW YORK: Jack Bond, UK/USA, 1966, 59m, NC Cast: Salvador Dali, Jack Bond, Jane Arden

This is a remarkable reflection of the creative process. In his record of a series of meetings in New York around Christmas 1965, Bond creates a wry and amusing portrait of an artist torn between the forces which drive him and the pressures of modern living. After the screening Jack Bond discusses his relationship with one of the world’s most celebrated artists, Salvador Dali.

Mon 8 Oct, 8.30 – 10.30pm £4 / £2,

SERIOUS DRUGS: Jim Burns, UK, 2011, 97m, NC Cast: Duglas T Stewart, Norman Blake

Twenty-five years of pure popular music greatness, seen through the eyes of BMX Bandit Duglas T Stewart. Serious Drugs deals frankly, but with enormous humour and goodwill, with the difficulties of being a cult pop star. Jim Burns’ film is likely to appeal to fans of Stewart’s music, and features informed comments from his friends and family. It’s a genuine insight into the creative process and vision behind some of pop’s most fiercely adored tunes. Both Jim and Duglas will attend the post screening Q&A.

Tue 9 Oct, 5.45 – 7.45pm £4 / £2,

RUPTURE: Living With My Broken Brain: Hugh Hudson, UK, 2012, 69m, NC Cast: Maryam D’Abo

Chariots of Fire director Hugh Hudson directs this moving documentary. Hudson’s wife is Maryam D’Abo, star of the James Bond film The Living Daylights. She suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage in 2007, and her experience inspired this film, in which individuals who have suffered from brain injuries discuss how it affected them and the long road to recovery. Neuropsychologist, Paul Brok, will take part in a panel discussion after the screening.

Wed 10 Oct, 5.45 – 7.45pm £4 / £2

I, ANNA: Barnaby Southcombe, UK 2012, 93m, TBC Cast: Charlotte Rampling, Gabriel Byrne, Hayley Atwell. An absorbing debut feature from Southcombe, featuring a powerful leading performance from Charlotte Rampling (Blow Up, The Night Porter), as Anna. After meeting a mysterious man at a speed dating night, Anna finds herself unable to remember the details of her evening. As a dogged policeman (Byrne) closes in on her, Anna struggles to reconcile herself to her activities on the previous evening, and with an event in the past that threatens to catch up with her. I, Anna deals with potentially melodramatic subject matter in a compassionate and intelligent way.

Mon 22 Oct, 5.45 – 7.45pm £7.50 / £5.50


As part of the Year of Creative Scotland 2012, the Northern Lights project has invited people from all over Scotland to contribute to a unique feature length documentary film. Led by creative director Nick Higgins, a celebrated documentary maker in his own right, the Northern Lights project is a mass participation scheme. For this special event, Nick will show excerpts from the edited feature documentary and discuss the filmmaking process alongside some of the project’s many participants.

Wed 24 Oct, 3.30 – 5pm, Free / Booking required

INTERNATIONAL FILM AWARDS 2012, Wed 24 Oct, 5.45 – 8pm, Free / Booking required

Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ

Box Office: 0131 228 2688



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