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Resonate is a multi-disciplinary exhibition of new work by five up and coming Edinburgh based artists and jewellers. It  takes place at Coburg House Gallery, Leith from the 6th to 17th October.
The exhibition will feature new work in print, drawing, moving image and jewellery.
Each of the artists has created work in response to the theme of ‘Resonance’ – both in its relationship with sound and also its ability to “evoke or suggest images, memories and emotions”.
Featured in the exhibition will be a new collaborative animation by visual artist Emma Macleod and artist jeweller Fiona Hermse.
Emma says of the collaboration, “Fiona and I have shared a studio for a number of years and although we work in different disciplines our ideas often resonate with one another. We are in the process of creating an animation taking the viewer on a journey through a series of staged rooms featuring strange forests, shadowy forms, and creeping vines.”
Fiona describes her response to the theme, “Memories and emotions resonate continuously in our minds and influence all that we do and everything we are. The animation is our visual representation of an imagined human mental landscape.”
Printmaker, Jessica Crisp, will exhibit a new series of lithographs and etchings that consider her relationship with the viewer, to the feeling of being understood and of receiving a receptive response.
Nicola Turnbull will be exhibiting a series of drawings and articulated jewellery taking visual influence from geometric diagrams of pendulums and soundwaves.
Sarah Connolly has made a series of drawings considering the values of tone and line and how they can interact to create harmony and tension. Her pieces hold a visual kinetic energy.
Resonate runs from the 6th to 17th October, 10am to 6pm daily, with late opening on Thursdays until 7pm.
Visitors are welcome to view the exhibition with the opportunity to meet the artists and discuss the work, influences and working process.

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