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Neu! Reekie! is a nomadic hermit crab that happens to enjoy company, says One Michael Pedersen, in his monthly Blog Part 1

So after 20 odd shows at the Scottish Book Trust (plus a host of Festivals appearances and specials), this creative crab is moving sands and shifting shells. Now decapod crustaceans don’t always ditch their drapes for the next big thing, sometimes, every now and again, it’s about the superiority of the spirals plus the capricious currents of the ocean. Make no mistakes, the Neu! Reekie! crab is no lone soldier, so come be part of the bushel. Guests to date have included everyone from Liz Lochhead to Frightened Rabbit, Jock Scot to Norman Blake/Teenage Fanclub, Tam Dean Burn to Stevie Jackson/Belle and Sebastian, Tom Leonard to Withered Hand, Sue Tompkins to BMX Bandits…and a wealth of others.

Edinburghwise we’re relocating our avant-garde noise-making machine to the stunning stages of Summerhall. This makes hefty sense for us, as Summerhall is host to both Neu! Reekie! Records and oor mysterious Headquarters. But we’ll tell you more about that soon. The first date for your calendar is Friday 28th of September. Look to the stars (or the marine blue of facebook) for further factoids on this one.

In a rather brazen move, Neu! Reekie! is taking to the road this Friday September 21st. This is our first of quite a few West coast shows. And, hey, we’re full fervour for anything that closes the cultural gulf that many stalwarts to either side dare not toy with. We’ve long flirted with the idea of serving-up monthly shows for our Glasgow neighbours and even piloted a Neu! Reekie! performance only event at Mono, which saw the likes of Alasdair Gray and Eugene Kelly grapple with our mics. T’was a delightful potpourri of sermons and incantations – wrapped in the warm silk robes of our very own supergroup Jesus, Baby!

The show was a veritable pleasure, but it was at the unofficial after party, that we really found our West coast home…The Poetry Club – a wonderful new venue deliberated, designed and delivered to you by (Turner Prize nominated artist) Jim Lambie. Helping him steer the ship is the very groovy Jason MacPhail – former frontman of euphoric melody makers V-Twin. The venue (nor the lads) has yet to nail its flag to the mast and, well, why should they. The Poetry Club’s presence and the ensuing precedence will speak for itself; suffice to say, we’re delighted to be hosting Neu! Reekie! from this fantastical fort.

In our kit bags for the first show is:

  • FOUND’s frontman Ziggy, travelling under the banner Lomond Campbell, will be delivering exceptional experimental pop – a taste:
  • Edinburgh School for the Deaf unshackle vocal and  visual histrionics with much welcomed echoes of Jesus and the Mary Chain – a tremor:
  • Animated mastery comes from Iain Gardner who’ll be presenting us with his multi-award winning and Oscar long listed The Tannery – I could try and poetically sculpt the scene, but there’s a glossy trailer to do that for us –
  • There are favourites and new works from both myself and my Neu! Reekie! co-captain Kevin Williamson; plus we’ve J.L Williams joining us – a New Jersey Poet, front lass of the band Opul and Programme Director of the Scottish Poetry Library. Popping into the picture along with Pedersen will also be Scotland best kept secret mighty Roy Moller.
  • Oh plus you’ll find videos by Sacha Kahir and Jonathan Freemantle for their respective tracks on the Neu! Reekie! Records double A-track single. A signed copy or two of which will be given away as bounty.

So…we implore you, address the gulf, grab a ticket and we’ll love you for it.

N!R! x

To be a crab in our cast, print at home tickets can be collected here:

Facebook group:

Image: Edmund Fraser

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