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Posted by to The Blog on September 15th

Breathe, breathe deep and relax. Your body shall forgive you for the way you treated it over the last month, it excepts that anually you must drag it round the city staying up to all hours filling it full of exotic booze (this years seemed to be Aperol), it understands, but now it would like to get back to the sophisticated life that you lived before. So come back and cosy up my brethren.

Film nights 8pm £2 includes free popcorn, warmth and kindness
1970’s summer blockbusters (this is in hope that we shall somehow woo the summer that we never had into September)
The last film of the month will be a selection from the BFI’s top films of all time
Monday 3rd:- Close Encounters, of the Third Kind
Monday 10th:- Star Wars, A new hope
Monday 17th:- Jaws (this is also my birthday, all presents can be sent to my newly hired personal assistant, specifiacally hired to handle all my new presents)
Monday 24th:- Singin’ in the Rain

First Tues of the month, is knitting night from 7pm. Grab your needles (less trainspotting, more ladies in lavender) and come get ya knitting.
First Thurs of the month is singer/songwriter night, 8pm -10pm. An all acoustic night of Edinburgh’s finest talent, we hope.
Wednesday 19th, is clothes swap! I think by now we all know what this involves (the clue is in the title) but for those of you that don’t. Bring your preloved clothes down to sofis and swap as many items as you bring.
Sunday 23rd we shall be having our new(hold on for this sibilance) Sofi’s Sunday Supper Club at 7pm. Await further details, but wait my dears with bated breath for all shall be revealed.

As always people, keep it classy.

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