Signature Art Prize 2012

Posted by to The Blog on September 15th

Local Artist Hans Clausen shortlisted for the Signature Art Prize 2012 – place your vote!

Edinburgh artist (and Leither reader) Hans Kristian Clausen has had his most recent piece shortlisted for the Signature Art Prize’s People’s Choice Award.  His steel skip sculpture titled ‘Notion’ was spotted at this year’s Edinburgh Art College Degree show and will now be exhibited in London on 25th September.  Denying my layman accusations of pretentiousness, Hans claims that the piece  “Fills the space of a skip and yet it holds nothing. In an increasingly ‘throw away’ culture I have been attracted to work with the detritus of daily life, and found skips to be rich resources of obsolete and discarded objects and materials.”  You can vote for his piece (or others) by using the link below and liking on facebook.  The skip skeleton has already been sold so bin any ideas of it sitting in your own front room.

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  1. AJB says:

    And Hans has just won the Sculpture section of this competition! Congratulations. Peoples Choice still to be decided.

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