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A Clash of Teams: Smoke and Steel: Auld Reekie’s Twisted Thistles versus Sheffield Steel Roller Girls!

Ten players on track. A heady atmosphere of sweat, concentration and ambition. Not to mention spangly tights, facepaint and a roaring crowd. Don’t miss seeing Edinburgh’s top roller derby team slug it out with Sheffield Steel Roller Girls in a fearsome battle for supremacy.

After the Twisted Thistles’ came third place in the international tournament ‘Chaos in the Clyde’ this August, they’ll be gunning for another win over one of northern England’s finest teams, having beaten Sheffield on the road to claim the bronze. Sheffield is one of the newest Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Apprentice Leagues but this is no bar to them producing a formidable performance against the well-established Auld Reekie team. But Sheffield was roundly defeated in their last bout against Nottingham’s Hellfire Harlots with a final score of 72-128: can they regroup to give Auld Reekie a run for their money? It’ll be Auld Reekie’s last bout before playing at the Track Queens tournament in Berlin in November – a victory would boost their confidence before they go head to head with some of Europe’s finest teams. In this full-contact sport, there’ll be pitiless hitting, speedy sprinting and plenty of strategic play from both teams when the action kicks off.

Twisted Thistles’ captain Crazylegs – who represented Scotland at last year’s Roller Derby World Cup – says:

‘We’re ready to take whatever Sheffield has to throw at us. Our team’s a mix of established players and some up and coming all stars, and we’re keen to give Sheffield a run for their money. In the past months we’ve been training hard, focusing on strategy and tactics. As Sun Tzu wrote in the ‘Art of War’: “Swift as the wind. Steady as the mountain”’.

New to the world’s fastest-growing sport? Come and see roller derby in all its fast-paced, brutal glory. Listen to our announcers explain the team’s tactics and commentate on the action. Learn what a whip, a jam and a panty are in the world of roller derby. Support your local league and buy t-shirts, stickers, badges and cakes in our ‘vendors’ village’. If you’re a derby regular, come and yell for your favourite player, boo the refs and sing along to our derby playlist. Support your local team and be part of the derby community!

Saturday 22nd September 2012: at Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh

Tickets: £5 plus booking fee online, £7 on the door.

Available from

Free for children aged 14 and under!

What is modern roller derby?

Roller derby is an all-female sport that involves teams competing on an oval track in a series of ‘jams’ – two minute periods that see teams of five players each battling to score points. During each jam, one player on each team is designated as the ‘jammer’ who scores a point for every member of the opposing team she passes.

The sport requires a punishing array of agile and athletic skills, from zig-zag blocking moves to body slams to all-out speed-skating. To perfect these manoeuvres, skaters commit to several hours of practice every week, paying for gear and practice space out of their own pockets.

While it has its roots in sports-entertainment-style exhibition bouts going back as far as the 1930s, modern roller derby has reinvigorated the game with a grass-roots DIY ethos that puts the passion for athleticism front-and-centre.

The trend finally reached Edinburgh in 2008, when a small group of women founded ARRG. The Edinburgh league now averages at over 80 skaters, and is run purely on the volunteer efforts of its members. Auld Reekie Roller Girls recently became full member of the Womens Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

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