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Buy local – look global. Not global in a sandaled and dreadlocked way, but rather internationally stylish. Unfortunately what was local for Charlotte is not just down the street from us – all parts of her amazing outfit are from Op Shop in New Zealand, apart from her excellent shoes; they’re by Whywho, another New Zealand make. But the mark has been set. What’s important now is not spending lots of money on clothes that are available everywhere, but to find unique handcrafters and artisans and make their wares work with whatever style you’re currently wearing.

Thankfully the internet makes everything, to a degree, local. You can shop virtually in Swakopmund, Namibia, where eight gentlemen hand make twenty pairs of Schier’s shoes a day. From Valparaiso, Chile, you can buy amazing soft necklaces made by Birdie Num Num. From Brooklyn, New York, you can buy probably the most fun knitwear possible from All For Everyone, each piece designed, knitted, and linked by owner Annie Larson. You can find out about new handcrafters on Of A Kind, a website that not only sells the work of independent designers, but tells you everything you need to know about their ethos and method. It’s all about knowledge and quality, and perhaps a touch of rarity.


Obviously this shouldn’t come as news; the trend in artisan everything has been growing for quite a while now, clearly seen in the popularity of Edinburgh haunts like the Manna House and Artisan Roast. Good quality, handcrafted gear is not so easily found. But that should not stop anyone from looking! Find the maker and you’ve found a unique piece that hardly anyone else will have – maybe because nobody else can afford it. If you can, buy it. It might be your chance to stand out in a manner as well presented, and as stylishly enduring as Charlotte.

– Jessica Taylor and Charlotte Little

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