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When people who have taken up the noble pen say to you, ‘writing is a lonely business’, they do not lie, for it is – as lonely as the recently deceased giant tortoise, ‘Old Lonesome’ George. It’s also fraught with difficulties; finding the right voice, getting stuck, editing, etc, and when you’ve managed to struggle through and are in possession of something you think other people actually might like to read, what do you do with it? This is especially a problem if your style tends towards the subversive.

Fear not blossoming scribes, the internet is awash with online magazines (some also produce print versions) that cater for works of a more underground nature. They have ball-busting names like: Horror Sleaze Trash, Citizens for Decent Literature, Zygote in my Coffee and (my very favourite) Full of Crow.
Monikers like these seem to scream out; we are subversive, we are clever, we are entertaining and we hope you are too, indeed, dear reader, if you cannae find something in here that floats your boat there’s a gaping hole where your soul should be. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Of course you have to be good enough, you have to seduce the submissions editor with your literary prowess but no one said it was going to be easy and if you weigh your chances of success between e-zines and the ‘establishment’ it’s a no contest, okay your work might not be cluttering up Waterstones front window but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing someone’s reading it, somewhere.



As for the pain of loneliness, there’s a remedy – The Rogue Writers. We, as a writers group hope to build a community where fellow pensters can gather for inspiration and support, exchange ideas, critique each other’s work or just plain shoot the breeze. All formats are welcome; short stories, poems, blogs, articles, plays, extracts, we embrace them all. There are no given formal rules; we endeavour to create a loose collection of enthusiasts who gravitate towards a more off beat approach to the art of the written word. Sound like something you could go for? Good stuff, we need new faces. Join us anytime! ν

– Charlie Skinner

Info: Alternate Sundays from 15th July, Pulp Fiction, 43 Bread St @ 3.30pm or email

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