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Leith-based theatre company, Active Inquiry, has been working for the past three months with a group of Leith residents to develop pieces of Forum Theatre exploring the causes of and alternatives to the current public spending cuts.

These will be performed as part of a day of events on Saturday 12th May which will also include input from anti-cuts organisations, lunch and the development of an action plan to put ideas raised on the day into practice.

The day is open to all Leith residents, visitors, elected officials and those interested in the issue.

To find out more about the event check out or phone Gavin on 0771 4321 629. To book a place please email

Gavin Crichton, Artistic Director of Active Inquiry says, “Developing these pieces of theatre has been an emotional, eye-opening and empowering experience. They raise interesting questions about how big decisions taken at Westminster affect people’s lives. We are looking forward to sharing these at the event on the 12th May and in engaging a wide range of people in the debates and action planning that will follow.”


Active Inquiry is a Leith-based theatre company making theatre with and for the people of Leith. It was started in 2008 and has worked on various projects in Leith and throughout Edinburgh, Scotland and Europe. We have a weekly programme of workshops as well as one-off projects and training opportunities.

Forum Theatre is a part of a body of theatre work called the Theatre of the Oppressed which originated in South America in the 1970s. It aims to engage the audience in debates by enabling them to step into, and change, the action onstage.

Not For Profit

Saturday 12th May


St James Church Hall, 

John’s Place, Leith,

Event Cost:

Free although a donation towards

the cost of lunch is encouraged

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