Editor’s Intro – Issue 83

Posted by on March 14th

Good day to you and our latest issue…included within; editorial tomfoolery, Emma Harrison gets a bollocking, welcome to our new feature ‘This just in’, the continued debate on the Leith v Camden conundrum, a piece entitled Madness, alcoholism & sex (don’t look at me!) and an impassioned plea to cut The (financial) City loose from the rest of the British Isles. What else? A chat with PoppyDisc Records, the future for Leith comes under the microscope, we review pop up cult Burgher Burger, look at theatre censorship and ponder the vexed question of what constitutes a good one hit wonder? At this point we (okay, me) look with some vexation at the clock and realise, with mounting horror, that I am due at the Strathmore Bar for a crucial domino tie. Wish me luck…

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