Mad Hatter in Leith

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Did you miss the Alice in Wonderland Exhibition at The Tate Liverpool? Well now there is an opportunity to view an exhibition inspired by Lewis Carroll’s book here in Edinburgh. Artist, Marie Louise Wrightson is having a solo exhibition at the Leith Gallery from 3rd to 31st March.
Marie, when asked about her inspiration, said,
“Like many people, I have been influenced and inspired by fairy tales, cartoons, films and children’s books; especially the Alice in Wonderland stories.

With cautionary messages and wonderful worlds in which to escape, little Alice, the Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts have always created an endless fascination and curiosity of wonder for me.

With my work I have explored a more grown up Alice, an Alice who is still full of wonder and surprise but who also embraces all the delights of Wonderland during her fantastical journeys.
An all important part of the stories, is for me the visual attraction of the books illustrations. I have always looked at the illustrations first and read the words later, partly due to my dyslexia, but also because I am always completely absorbed by the fabulous drawings within the books. For me the drawings bring the characters to life, allowing the reader to fall down into the rabbit hole with Alice and visualize Wonderland for themself.”
Marie is joined by sculptors Robert Ellis and James Coplestone of Robert James Workshop with their sculptures of various characters from the book.
Local stained glass artist, Emma Butler-Cole Aitken has produced some Mimsy Borogoves and a Cheshire Cat especially for the exhibition.
Leith Gallery
65 The Shore
T: 0131 553 5255
3rd to 31st March
Monday to Friday 11am~5pm
Saturday 11am~4pm
Pic Credit: Hatter’s Tea Party by Marie Louise Wrightson


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