£1 Million Wasted…

Posted by to The Blog on February 22nd

…on heating bills as Leith feels the cold more than most.

The numbers of Leith residents taking up grants for home insulation are among the lowest in Edinburgh despite the strong environmental presence in this part of the city. In spite of severe weather warnings and low temperatures this winter, residents have yet to embrace schemes designed to help reduce energy bills and heat homes across the city.

The good news is that everyone with a suitable home qualifies for a discount for insulation, and many will even get their insulation free. Most standard sized homes can get insulated free of charge, while larger properties will only pay for the difference – and at a competitive cost per square metre.

City of Edinburgh Council is also urging householders to take up the offer of free or discounted insulation while it’s still available, and plans to promote this via this year’s council tax letter.

Based on energy bill savings, households who pay to install loft insulation would regain their initial investment within 6 months. In the case of cavity wall insulation the payback would take 10 months and for bring existing loft insulation up to current standards the cost would be paid back in energy savings within 3 years.

According to figures released by the Edinburgh Energy Co-op, a whopping £665,125 is wasted annually by Leithers who do not have loft insulation. A staggering £248,700 is also being wasted annually by Leith households that do not have cavity wall insulation.

That means that £913,825 annually is being wasted by householders in Leith living in houses without proper insulation.

Stuart Hay, the secretary of the Edinburgh Energy Co-op, explained:

“It’s vital that everyone in Leith takes action to cut their fuel bills because this is money that is literally going up in smoke. We are encouraging people in Leith to insulate because it’s quick, easy to do and households can start saving money immediately.”

“People should act now so they don’t miss out on the best insulation deals for years, which will change later in the year. A community like Leith could really benefit from the money saved by people insulating their homes.”

There are a reported 5000 under-insulated lofts in Leith that could benefit from savings like this. To book a free no-obligation survey and find out more text WARM to81025 or email advice@se.energysavingscotland.org.uk

Edinburgh Community Energy Co-operative Ltd is funded by the Climate Challenge Fund and encourages people from all walks of life to be part of the ‘renewable revolution’ in Leith.

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