Editor’s Intro – 81

Posted by on December 4th

Christmas stampedes towards us, and all at Leither Towers wish you an incredible Crimble…and what do we bring by way of gifts? Well, Paul Newman on the cover for starters! Mini-interviews with six of Scotland’s finest talents, a timely reminder of the genius of the great gothic comic artist Edward Gorey, how to build your very own politician and a review of myhomesupperclub one of many pop-up dining clubs to surface in these chastened times. Stick with us and you’ll find some useful, if ridiculous, tips on how to use that extra hour we’ve just accrued, how to occupy Edinburgh and the place to go for alternative Christmas shopping – the art/food/fashion/poetry mash-up that is Noir! #10. A couple of our writers have books out…details can be had, and poor Moncur the Monkey suffers the Revenge of the Killer Bananas! Apologies if you suffer withdrawal symptoms before the next Leither surfaces, it will appear later than usual, as our excellent printers will be taking a, well-deserved, festive break. And you? Why all good things to you…Billy

2 responses to “Editor’s Intro – 81”

  1. Cat Lady says:

    I noticed that on page 2 of the current issue there is an advertisement for A1 Pets on Great Junction Street, in which they complain about their competitors next door!

    I recently went into both these shops for the first time, since I have just re-homed a cat. I had just been into the shop they are complaining about to have a look and bought a cat bed which I was carrying with me when I went into A1 pet stores. On seeing it under my arm the woman behind the counter said “I hope you didn’t by that from next door!” Embarrassed by this remark, I replied “Oh yes, sorry” to which she then ranted “Oh from the Asians next door who are stealing our business!” Needless to say I felt very uncomfortable and angry and left without buying anything. Rest assured I will never step foot in there again!

  2. Ben says:

    I found the advert to be out of order also and was suprised that it was allowed to be printed……

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