Analogique Exhibition

Posted by to The Blog on October 26th

Dynamic exhibition by Analogique opens at Nobles Bar

Edinburgh-based film photography collective Analogique presents its inaugural exhibition We Are Analogique at Nobles Bar in Leith, opening at 8pm on Thursday 27 October with live music by Mars 2030 and Miss Country Blue.

The dynamic exhibition has no closing date. Instead, new works will appear regularly, replacing those before them, hopefully forever. The forty plus photographic works reflect the collective’s love of the abstract, surreal, wistful and eccentric.

Analogique was founded by photographer David Arrowsmith as a revolt against the convenience of digital photography. Members are Andy MacDonald, Caroline McDermott, Leila Frank, Gemma Stirling, Anne Henderson and Steve Falla.

The collective’s mission is to bring an array or weird, wonderful and forgotten cameras to life. It believes in playfulness over perfection, which has become so rare in the age of Photoshop, with a penchant for out of date film, light leaks and camera customisation that may or may not work.

Cameras include those manufactured in countries that no longer exist, and some of the film used is as old as the photographer using it.

Analogique has five massively out of date rolls of film to give away on a first come first served basis on the opening night of the exhibition.

Swedish pop band Mars 2030 and singer Miss Country Blue have previously been photographed by members of Analogique and the images will be on display at the exhibition. Mars 2030 share Analogique’s love of the lo-tech, using homemade instruments to create their unique sound.  Miss Country Blue, performing nouveau country noir, has been described as Johnny Cash meets Joy Division.


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