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The Story So Far…

In the far off days of the mid 1980s, Edinburgh band The Story So Far was busy on the local scene, appearing at the Nite Club, Astoria, Wee Red Bar, Potterrow, La Sorbonne and many other venues.  The band played a heady mix of pop, punk, new wave, funk, rock, reggae, ska, jazz and blues, always with passion and surreal humour.

Then, after a storming set at La Sorbonne on 28 January 1985, the band disappeared from the gig scene.

Now read on…

Three of the five members are still in touch – Jake, bass and backing vocals; Allan, drums; and Donald, guitar. Donald has a milestone birthday this year, and he felt he wanted to put on a couple of charity gigs featuring almost all of the bands he has played in. The one missing band is sadly prevented from appearing by death and geography. The line-up of The Story So Far has changed a bit – Allan and Donald return on drums and guitar, but Jake is now found on vocals and trumpet, with Ed drafted in as special guest on bass.

They played a warm-up gig at Whistlebinkies in August, and got a good reception and some positive feedback – people from a slightly younger generation than liked the idea of seeing an authentic 80s band with an early 80s earthy sound and feel rather than the heavily synthesised and produced stuff of the New Romantics.

The first charity gig is on Saturday 8 October 2011, in Thomas Morton Hall, Ferry Road, Edinburgh.  The link tells you more about the charity and how to get tickets or make a donation –

The evening features four bands of very different complexions – you’ll get folk, rock and bluegrass as well as the pop, punk, new wave, funk, rock, reggae, ska, jazz and blues stylings of The Story So Far.

A second Love Oliver gig with the same line-up is booked for the Rothes Halls on 26 November, tickets from the box office.

Those who attend the gig may be able to buy autographed copies of the 12″ single that Jake and Allan released in 1987 under the name of Five, proceeds going to Love Oliver.

Follow the build up to the gig on, as they seek rehearsal venues, try to remember how the songs go, fight over what songs to play, start and stop at different times, Jake wonders whether he’s ready to play trumpet during the gig, and all sorts.




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