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“Opening on Saturday 1st October at The Leith Gallery a solo show of rising star, Trevor Jones.
Be sure to catch this exhibition which runs to 22nd October. If you are not already a fan of abstract art, this is the exhibition which will convert you.
Inspired by the music of Alexander Scriabin’s “The Poem of Ecstasy”, this collections of work shows Jones virtuosity as a painter. From rich vibrant colours in, for example “Victory 11” to subtle uses of colour in for example, “Ominous” this collection gives the viewer a great deal to absorb.”



The Poem of Ecstasy

Art by Trevor Jones

An exhibition inspired by

Alexander Scriabin’s music The Poem of Ecstasy

Together with:

Ceramics by Virginia Dowe-Edwards

Jewellery by Lisa Waldman

The exhibition will run until Saturday 22nd October

The Leith Gallery

Tel 0131 553 5255

65 The Shore

Edinburgh, EH6 6RA

e: info@the-leith-gallery.co.uk

web: www.the-leith-gallery.co.uk


Hours of opening are:

Mon to Fri 11am to 5pm,

Sat 11am to 4pm or by appointment

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