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Your humble Leither gets invited to the strangest things; an exhibition of Weimar art in Berlin, an international polo match in Argentina and an outdoor opera in Malta being just some examples. I normally say yah, boo, sucks! As I hate flying, but Super Bock Super Rock in Sesimbre, Portugal, had my name on it. As it happened we were holidaying in Lisbon, 30 miles away.

We pitched up at the festival site (sand dunes on the Atlantic coast) fully expecting to be ‘found out’. I sidled up to the press tent for all the world like my 16-year-old self trying to buy a drink in the Gellions bar with a pounds worth of coppers, I swear I was blushing. After a minor hitch – “why did you say your name was Billy when it says William on our records”? You try miming ‘shortened version’ to a Portuguese/Eastern European security advisor! – almost despite myself, there we were, literally up to our elbows in V.I.P wristbands.



What to do next? Why bugger off to the beach of course or visit a walled town…You see that’s what’s so civilised about Super Bock the music doesn’t start till 7pm each night (headliners on after midnight), so you have the whole day to explore. Then back to the site nine-ish (after a good meal) for the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, Portishead, Elbow and Brandon Flowers. The continentals (see also Benicassim) seem to know their stuff when it comes to programming a festival. Okay we have to climb the mountain back to our hotel at four in the morning but the view is staggering (or that may well be me).

When we finally pluck up the courage to go to the V.I.P area, nobody sets dogs on us, we are not tasered, truncheoned, or thrown in the back of a dark van. In fact we are escorted to an all day (free) rolling buffet and a free bar. Oh bliss thy name is Super Bock Beer (a right good bargain in Lidl). Come on…I have to do something for those V.I.P wristbands.

Info:  Super Bock Super Rock: Meca, Sesimbra, 2nd weekend in July 2012

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