Scottish Ship To Gaza

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In May a Scottish ship carrying representatives from Scotland will join Freedom Flotilla II in the Mediterranean and attempt to break and end the illegal siege of the Gaza Strip. ‘Scottish Ship to Gaza’ is seeking the support of the population of Scotland to raise the £500,000 required to purchase and equip a vessel capable of making the voyage and ‘Freedom Flotilla II’ is a coalition of groups and organisations from twelve countries, committed to ending the siege.

This follows five successful attempts to enter the Gaza Strip via the sea since 2008, when two boats broke the blockade for the first time in sixty years. In May 2010, Freedom Flotilla I was attacked in international waters, in violation of international shipping laws and the International Convention on Human Rights. Nine activists were murdered, fifty injured and all ships hijacked. The upcoming expedition will consist of up to fifteen ships and will carry activists, politicians and public figures from the international community. It sails in an attempt to force Israel to respect international law and to mobilise civil society’s support for the population of Gaza.



The Gaza Strip has become a symbol of the systematic and planned aggression against the entire Palestinian people. The Israeli cabinet decision to ease restrictions on selected goods in the wake of Freedom Flotilla I have not changed this situation significantly, as they do not facilitate economic recovery and are based on the assumption that foreign humanitarian aid will continue. The brutally imposed siege continues to strangle Gaza economically, socially and politically. Damage to water and sewage systems and to power stations has severely restricted Gazans’ access to clean water and electricity while hospitals and clinics are denied access to adequate supplies of equipment and medicines.

In the coming weeks ‘Scottish Ship to Gaza’ will be holding a series of events designed to raise awareness of the mission and to raise funds to achieve the objective of breaking and ending the brutal, inhumane and devastating siege of Gaza.

Info: Benefit gig: Leith Dockers Club, Thurs 21st April, 7.30 (£5) &


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