Get Buffed-How Clued Up R U?

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Fast Forward has launched a pioneering series of resources on substance misuse at a BME Health and Diversity Celebration Event. Get Buffed and Shabab And Sahah – How Clued Up R U? provide information on steroid use, drugs, alcohol and mental health issues and have been developed in collaboration with local BME young people.(BME is umbrella organisation for community and voluntary groups.)

The resources were officially launched by highly respected political activist Humza Yousaf, a rising star in the SNP who was recently honoured with the ‘Political Force of the Future Award’. Humza enthusiastically endorsed the new resources. He congratulated Fast Forward on the work they had done in taking on taboo issues head on whilst maintaining the respect of different cultures

Fast Forward’s BME Health and Diversity event was a chance to celebrate the project’s achievements.1,352 BME young people, 304 BME parents and 139 practitioners have participated in 220 substance misuse education and prevention sessions delivered by the project. After participating in these sessions, almost 90% of the BME young people were more knowledgeable and confident about making decisions about substance use and positive health choices. 99% of the BME parents felt more confident about addressing substance related issues with their children. And 94% of practitioners felt that their knowledge around substance misuse in different cultures had increased.

Fast Forward has been at the forefront of addressing substance misuse issues in the BME community and has developed these new resources in response.  Shabab And Sahah raises awareness of substance misuse and mental health issues in the BME community and provides signposting to helping agencies. Get Buffed provides information about the health problems associated with steroid misuse, an area where there is a lack of information and resources available. The leaflet will act as an innovative approach to steroid misuse with hard to reach BME young men and will aim to increase knowledge amongst family members of the effects of steroids.

Shamylla Syed, leader of the project, said: “We believe it is important to help people make informed decisions and these resources give hard facts and information.”

The event at the Halls on Leith Walk included a rap performance of Get Buffed from Ayah Imad (the rap composer), another about racism and drugs by Zain Qureshi, a break dance performance from Ready Ready Sauce and a marketplace for young people to obtain information about substance misuse issues, health and wellbeing and local BME youth services.

For further details or to obtain free copies of the resources please contact:

Shamylla Syed

BME Work Coordinator

Fast Forward

4 Bernard Street



Tel:  0131 554 4300 Fax: 0131 554 4330


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