To The Cave Batman!

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ops, sorry, typo…to The Caves on Niddrie Street, where Let’s Get Lyrical – a month long initiative aimed at reminding us of the beauty of the word – was launching. The idea is that you go to their website and post a message on what your favourite lyric is, and why it became so. To my mind the project is slightly undermined by the fact that, for copyright reasons, you are not allowed to quote the lyrics in question. Still, it is a worthy project from the folks that brought us the excellent Carry A Poem For A Month. Anything that re-engages us with the written word is entirely laudable. (Just as long as it’s not The Leither, I hear you say).

Ever the contrarian I’ll pick two lyrics that perfectly describe an arc between bright eyed, bushy tailed youth, and the hard won resignation – or should that be contentment? – of middle age:
“I thought love was only true in fairytales, or for someone else but not for me…” (I’m a Believer) And: “Love on the rocks, ain’t no big surprise, pour me a drink and I’ll tell you some lies, yesterday’s gone and now all I want is a smile…” (Love on the Rocks)



Both lyrics were written by the inestimable Neil Diamond, he sang Love on the Rocks in the bloated, Ham Fest (take a bow Laurence Olivier), that was the film The Jazz Singer. Whilst the former’s lyrics were sung by Davy Jones of The Monkees, in a thin reedy voice that sat perfectly with the subject matter. Incidentally we have The Monkees to thank for the final jigsaw piece in one of the great lyrics of all time…Tim Buckley’s Song to the Siren. When he debuted the song, hugely improbably, on their TV show, he was singing the line: “I’m puzzled as the oyster…” A puzzled oyster, eh Tim? After the show aired he decided to change the line to: “I’m as puzzled as a new born child…” Now there’s words.

There are lots of performances (many free) connected to this project throughout February. Gordon Munro tells you more on page 17 and check the website

2 responses to “To The Cave Batman!”

  1. gordon26 says:


    I am angry I am ill and I'm as ugly as sin
    My irritability keeps me alive and kicking
    I know the meaning of life, it doesn't help me a bit
    I know beauty and I know a good thing when I see it

    Must be up there somewhere!

  2. gordon26 says:

    We can’t lose
    When we blindly tarantella
    Bold enough to chose
    Freedom’s angel is calling
    In the winding violins
    In the city night is falling
    Can you let the music begin?

    These few dying coals
    Cast the only light in the room
    And of your slender shoulders make gold

    Kiss me starface
    Across celestial miles
    From down the southern arbours
    Way down the wooden aisles
    Play some tambourine
    Little French girl
    Twist and shout
    Lovers on the new bridge
    Yes they call us with a shout

    Let’s ride the streets imperious
    Mile after mile after mile
    And make the walls of Eden
    Tumble beneath your smile
    Kiss me sweetness
    Vital and sublime
    We’ll go down the casino gardens
    Play underneath the vines
    And bring your violin
    Little French girl
    Play me out of town
    We’’ scale the walls of Eden
    We’ll scale them every time

    Carnival-The Bathers

    Courtesy of the greatest living songsmith and he's Scottish!

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