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Turn of the Century: I must admit to having a bit of a crush on Dan Antopolski. Not only have I always had a bit of a soft spot for skinny, somewhat gawky looking boys with a slightly awkward way of carrying themselves, I do like a man who’s in touch with his feminine side.

And Antopolski talks about his two young daughters, now, as he informs us, aged five and three, with an attractive combination of tenderness and bewilderment. His descriptions of fatherhood are like a realistic and honestly written parenting manual. With swear words.

His 2009 Fringe show, Silent But Deadly, was awarded the much coveted Dave Award for the Funniest Joke on the Fringe: “Hedgehogs. Why can’t they just share the hedge?” It’s brilliant, largely because you can’t quite believe no one had thought of it sooner. The Dave award makes a conspicuous, and shiny, appearance on stage this year, but, although the one-liners are still sharp and clever in their simplicity, they feel somehow less memorable. Or was that the beer? Hmm.

Over his regular visits to the Fringe, Antolpolski has found a format that works – topical chat, a few gags, a song and a rap, with the latter proving a highlight. This year’s offering, about the joys of owning your own laser, is no exception. It’s good to know that we can all still identify with our thirteen year old selves and the pleasure we took in pointing laser pens at teachers’ heads. The lyrics are wonderfully inventive and smart, although he is always going to have trouble improving on 2008’s brilliant Sandwich Rap, still available on YouTube.

Dan Antopolski has produced a solidly entertaining hour. He’s an engaging performer who manages to find a balance between intelligently thought out wit and pure unadulterated silliness. And he’s cute too, if you like that sort of thing.

By Vikki Jones

Dan Antopolski – Turn of the Century

Venue 23: Pleasance Dome

Until 30th August, 8pm

Tickets available from and


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