Louise’s Column – Issue 63

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My Saturday mornings, for the past few months, have consisted of housework, sitting watching Jonathan Ross from the night before, or a recorded episode of ‘Brothers and Sisters’. So, I’m invariably laughing out loud or blubbing my eyes out, and nearly always exhausted by lunchtime.

With the arrival of some spring sunshine, the thought of polishing or washing floors seems such a waste of time, even if the windows do look absolutely filthy in this light! I’m not reaching for the ‘shammy’ – not today. That can wait for one of those dull, grey mornings that will be along soon enough. There’s just no telling how long we’ll have beautiful mornings like these which literally fill you with the joys of spring!


British Summer Time is upon us. Our sluggish, hibernating bodies know it’s time to start kicking into gear, to discard the winter coat, the woolly suffocating tights and thick socks, and all those layers – so many layers! We can start to breath again. Feel lighter? It certainly makes me turn my nose up at the hearty stews and thick soups we’ve been consuming over the winter months. I want to pull out my Jamie Oliver cookbooks for some inspiring new recipes, and fill our cupboards with brighter, lighter food.

Rummaging through my wardrobe to find something to wear, I realise it’s time to pull the rucksacks full of summer clothes from beneath the bed. Jeans, shirt, a light jacket and my Converse, I’m ready to hit the streets of Leith…

Weaving between cars

Bernard Street seems busier than ever. Couples with arms linked, strolling towards the Shore, kids tearing past on scooters, people chatting outside coffee shops…The sunshine brings everybody out of their centrally heated homes to wander, explore, stretch their legs and experience Leith in the sun. You can’t help but smile. I run across to Flux, weaving between the cars – even the drivers seem friendlier than normal! I buy a pressie for a friend, then onto Relish for a mug of coffee. I can easily pop back up stairs for a cuppa, but it’s about being out and about, watching the world go by – no dirty windows or piles of washing to distract you.

I sit in one of the armchairs in Relish’s window, perfect for quick glances out onto Commercial Street. The coffee is strong and sweet – just how I like it. My head bobs up and down from the pages of my book to the door with the arrival of each new customer; a mother with her sleeping baby in a buggy settles down with a sugar-dusted croissant. It looks as though it’s the first time she’s had the chance to relax all day. She looks happy. Sadly, my coffee is coming to an end. So, I text Norman to suggest lunch on the Shore – I’m not ready to go home yet.

A wind is whipping up as I wander back across the bridge. Pushing my hair back off my face I step into The Shore Bar and Restaurant. Norman arrives, less wind-swept (no hair!), and we order ham hash cakes with a soft poached egg on top for me, and game pie for him. Still hearty food for the arrival of spring, but we’re getting there. I have a green salad on the side! In a few months time, we’ll be able to sit outside in the warm summer sun, hopefully.

Another latte, then back to the flat for a wee lie down – the result of an early start, too much caffeine and far more outdoor activity than my little lethargic body is used to on a Saturday morning. I kick off my shoes, and climb wearily onto my bed, carefully positioning the pillows so that the rays of late afternoon sunshine fall across my face. As I slip off to sleep I know I’m going to dream of summer holidays, and all things good.

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