£360 Million Biomass Plant for Docks?

Posted by to The Blog on February 15th

According to the pages of Biofuel News Forth Ports are planning to build one of the largest of Scotland’s new Biofuel developments right here in Leith. In proposals which are due for release soon Forth Ports outline the construction of the facility which will see a storage tower pulled down, the construction of a 300-foot chimney and the relocation of a public park…

Forth Ports (which formed a joint venture with Scottish and Southern Energy in 2008) says it will undertake consultations on the proposed facilities, and will seek full consents in the coming year. The new plants will be fuelled “primarily by softwood sourced from sustainably managed forests in the UK and overseas”. Using material washed up by the sea, up to one million tonnes of biomass will be processed each year. This will generate up to 200MW of electricity, and provide heat for nearby commercial buildings.

During the build the plant will create 150 construction jobs and then 40 permanent jobs once it is up and running. The Leith facility is among three others planned for Scotland by Forth Energy. The other locations are Dundee, Rosyth and Grangemouth.

Charles Hammond (Chief executive of Forth Ports) is quoted in the Biofuel News piece:

These proposals not only will create jobs and economic prosperity to support a vibrant local community, but they have been carefully developed to complement our long-term regeneration plans at the harbour. Leith is ideally placed to benefit from modern renewable energy in Scotland.

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