Movember: Rogues Gallery

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Magnum P.I. might have been the only man to truly make the moustache sexy but throughout the month of November there have been more than a few contenders in the Leith neighbourhood trying to give good old Tom Selleck a run for his money.

Swarthy looking types
For the uninitiated, ‘Movember’ is an annual, month long moustache-growing fest open to all men willing and able, to cultivate a growth of hair above their upper lip. The whole shebang serves to highlight men’s health issues and helps raise money, especially for prostate cancer.



Relatively new to the UK, it all began in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, as an attempt to bring back the moustache. Not sure if the ‘making the moustache popular again’ idea was a particularly successful one but the following year the campaign evolved into a fundraising event for prostate cancer and has since expanded across the world, so far raising over £30 million as well as helping to spread the word.

Not the type of lads to shy away from a challenge, especially for such a good cause, a number of courageous males from around Leith have embraced Movember with enthusiasm, style, and true Leither panache.

You may in fact have spotted a few more swarthy looking types than normal walking the streets of Leith. If you have, there is a very good chance that these fine men will be members of the Edinburgh Blue Barbers team, a motley crew of local lads (supported by their ‘mo sistas’) who collectively took the Movember pledge at the start of November to grow, groom, and develop the finest collection of moustaches Leith has ever seen.
So, who are these local worthies who have been posting varying stages of growth on Facebook every other day and who have, at the time of the writing of this article, raised more than £1,000 for the cause, with the month not yet out? Well, please allow me to introduce you to.

Presenting the Edinburgh Blue Barbers…

  1. DJ Normski
  2. Crazy Chris
  3. Cool Colin
  4. Craig: The Edge!
  5. Roy: Undercover
  6. Keith: Menacing
  7. Bongo: ‘Don’t mess with me’
  8. David: ‘Look! Nae nasal hair!’
  9. Keith: Jammy Devil
  10. Sonny: Poker face

So, if you fancy getting involved next year, watch this space. The Leither will give you plenty of advance warning. It would be great to get more people in the community involved – that includes you Mo Sistas who can pencil in a ‘tache for a day – and do our bit for raising awareness and funds for men’s health.
Well done Blue Barber boys, as well as the staff at Roseleaf and The Village who have also been sporting moustaches, including the ‘Mo Sistas’ as mentioned above, along with everyone else who has supported the cause during the month formerly known as November.

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  1. Robert King says:

    La shukraan unless it is a shave

  2. Callum Alden says:

    hah. that actually is The Edge. isn't it?

  3. Naw it's me Callum.

  4. Zaposlitev says:

    ksdsraxmtftwenjyixhl, delo, uXvirll.

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