The Christmas Tree Ceremony

Posted by to The Blog on December 3rd
The tree lighting ceremony at the fit o’ the walk found even this old curmudgeon grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.  A plucky choir from Lorne Primary, under the tutelage of head teacher Colin Mclean, gave it laldy in their Santa uniforms. A good crowd gathered in the dreich gloaming as the redoubtable Mary Moriarty handed round a collection bucket for charity. Your reporter had to admit, shamefaced, that he didn’t have a bob on him.
On the rostrum were a gaggle of councillors, Mr John Hughes (of this parish), Margo MacDonald and Sir Tom Farmer, who got a rousing cheer.
The Master of ceremonies role fell to Gordon Munro, who handled it with no little style (including an impressive titfer). The Leither, however, takes great pleasure in informing you that he sings like a rhinoceros with piles. Children looked entranced, babies gurgled, and adults shuffled about, trying to keep warm…but it was all worth it when two young scamps and Mr Hughes turned on the lights. Amidst the oohs and aahs, your correspondent skulked off to the Alan Breck lounge bar for a bracer.

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  1. Gordon Munro says:

    Personally I didn't think my singing voice was as good as described in your article. However I am glad you took great pleasure in my vocal abilities. For me this is a first.
    Councillor Gordon Munro

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