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Posted by to The Blog on September 30th

The trophy cabinet at The Leither offices is going to have to be upgraded with some kick ass security system after our magnificent football team conquered the inaugural We Love Leith Street Football Championships during last month’s No Car Day on the Shore. The cup has yet to be delivered, but when it does arrive the guard dogs will have to be at their rabid worst to repel the machinations of the many dastardly and devious ragamuffins whom we know will stop at nothing to get their grubby mitts on our shiny silverware.

Inspired by the tactics of General Melchett of Blackadder Goes Forth fame, team captain Barnes decided to maintain a gentlemanly distance from the action during the first match against the Leith Conservative Club, opting instead for a nice cool pint and a suitably safe position behind the goal. The Leither boys saw off Thatcher’s lot by two clear goals, then led the late entrants from Pizza Express by three goals at half-time when Barnes decided it was time to step up to the front line. Purely by coincidence, there was a four-goal swing in that match, which meant we had to beat the team from the Changeworks environmental agency by more than three goals to win the competition, which we did … and the fans went wild.

The Leither team: Richard Fletcher, Colin Young, Steven Mather, Jon Delaney and David Barnes.

Thanks to PC Dave Nelson from the Leith Neighborhood Action Unit, who provided the portable pitch and enough footballs to last the afternoon despite several disappearing into the Water of Leith.

Lady of the tournament: Emily Dodd (Changeworks)
Man of the tournament: T.B.A

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  1. Great to read the match report from Car Free Day :) Thanks for taking part – there's more photos of the day here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greenerleith/sets/72

  2. noel spencer says:

    Hey you guys, I canny find a way to speak to you busards as there is no a simple comment page.
    so I have to piggy-back on this article.
    So Willy Barr has invited Billy,Dot,t Callum, Ryan to the Citadel for 1.00 pm Friday.

    Now for f***ck sake make it easier for us elderly punters to communicate, a big fuc***in button with comment would do!
    Christ lets not be arty farty in ciber space lets be user friendly.You do my head in.

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