Watch: Downfall of Edinburgh Trams

Posted by to The Blog on September 18th

Another mashup of the Nazi-tastic film ‘Downfall’ is doing the rounds this time centring around the Edinburgh Trams debacle. Its important to note that this is one in a long line of YouTube hits; the ‘downfall of…’ meme has produced some funny stuff- The Downfall of the Avatar Trailer, The Downfall of Twitter… there’s a quaint clip titled ‘When Hitler found out Michael Jackson died” and a meta-commenting mashup where Hitler finds out he’s a joke on YouTube.

I haven’t been able to decide whether its the undertones of racism in this particular clip that make me feel squeamish or rather the fact that Adolf Hitler seems to have such a clear view on why, who and how we’ve been done over in this whole TIE affair “Why didn’t they just buy bendy electric busses” the Führer screeches. Do check out the video below:

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