Laird’s Larder: Credit Crunch Cooking

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Hello ma wee muckers!

Credit crunch is it? Disnae look like it tae me, wit we aw the waste o’ food I see in the overflowin’ bins. Still the gulls, pigeons and rats are laughin’. You wid think recycling hidnae been invented. Bins stuffed wi’ cardboard, papers and bottles, huv food spillin’ oot o’ the top…nae wonder the streets ur a mess. So come oan ma wee muckers, let’s pull wur socks up. Don’t waste food. Make yir ain stock.


Wit ye dae is. Get yersel a big pot and when ye prepare veg dinnae thro away the peelins – ootside cabbage and cauliflower leaves, onion skins, garlic, carrots etc. Huv yir pot ready, full o’ boiling water and bay leaves. Dump in yir veg trimmings and leave ti simmer fur an hour or twa. Now yi hae stock fir yir soups, sauces and ither stuff. And it’s no 80% salt like they cubes. But dinnae pit in tattie peelins…deep fry them then sprinkle wi’ orange cheddar and grill. It’s a nice wee snack so it is. Bye the bye it’s well seein’ there’s a credit crunch, ma wee pal Luke Deekin keeps getting’ thrown intae pubs!

Ching Ching,
-The Laird

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