Marvellous Magical People

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… and other mysterious mishaps: “Twinkle, twinkle, pouf, smash. Twinkle, twinkle, pouf, smash.”

It was 2:00am in the morning and Anna was lying in her bed awake. She was being troubled by  strange noises coming from outside. It sounded like a fairy doing magic but that was impossible because there were no such thing as fairies. She opened her bedroom door because she decided to go and find out what was going on. She yanked on her wellies and pulled on her fleece. She opened the front door still pulling one of her wellies onto her bare foot.


She walked slowly and carefully up to the hedge because there was a faint glow coming from it. Suddenly the glow jumped out the hedge and onto the grass. Anna was right, it was a fairy, and it had long flowing blond hair, lovely golden wings, and a beautiful glittery blue dress. Anna was so surprised to see a fairy in her own garden.

“What is your name?” asked Anna. “My name is Ella”, said the fairy. Ella said to Anna that she needed help to find her spell book because she kept getting her spells wrong. They both went round the corner and Anna saw a magnificent unicorn. That would be their ride to Fairy Land. Anna was so excited to see and ride such a wonderful creature.

When they got to Fairy Land, Anna had never seen anything more beautiful in her life. It was full of fairies just like Ella. They all looked the same but they all had their own differences. Some were wearing pink fluffy bobble hats. Some were wearing lovely green curly shoes. Anna was speechless for a while because she thought everything was so beautiful and peaceful. Ella said to Anna that because Anna had decided to help her, Ella would grant Anna a wish. Anna decided that her wish would be to have proper wings whenever she wanted. Ella promised to grant her the wish as long as she only used them on special occasions. When Ella granted the wish Anna felt very funny because she wasn’t used to wings.

Ella decided to give Anna flying lessons so every day they would go to the park and practice. By the first day Anna had already learnt how to keep her balance while flying. By the second day she had learnt how to fly properly and by the third day she could do tricks. Anna really liked her new wings because she had loads of fun with them. They were so delicate and beautiful. Anna was so pleased that she actually had real fairy wings. Ella was like a sister to Anna because she was so kind to her. When Anna was sad, Ella would cheer her up. They really got on very well because they both liked the same things.

Fairy Land was fun but there was something evil in it. On the other side of Fairy Land there was a dark, dark, cave and in that cave there lived some goblins. The goblins had disgusting green skin and horrible pointy toes and worst of all they were covered in warts. It was a bit silly of the goblins to decide to live in Fairy Land because they hated fairies. If a fairy came into their cave they would do a horrible spell to the fairy and turn it into an animal, like a frog or a beetle. All the fairies in Fairy Land had decided to make a plan to get rid of the goblins. They had tried all the magic they new but nothing worked. Anna had never met a goblin and she hoped she wouldn’t because she knew how horrible and mean they were. Anna was a very cautious girl she knew how dangerous some things were and that is why she watched out for the goblins.

One day Anna was walking in the park with Ella, and Ella said she would go and get two pancakes from the shop so Anna waited for her but she didn’t come back so Anna went looking for her. When Anna got to the shop that Ella was supposed to be at she wasn’t there. Anna thought that Ella would be in the goblins cave and tried to find her. It was very scary in the cave because it was very dark. Anna got to the main room in the cave and she saw Ella but there were goblins around her. Anna ran up all the old, old, stairs and rushed into the first room she saw. She looked down over a small balcony, where she could see all the goblins dancing and singing around her best friend Ella. She could also see that the rope Ella was hanging from was being lowered into a pit of bubbling, sizzling, boiling lava. Anna had no idea what to do because the room she was in didn’t have anything like a knife or a pair of scissors. Suddenly in the very corner of the room she saw a very sharp stone and decided to cut the rope with that. Anna was leaning very dangerously over the balcony trying to reach the rope. Her forehead was sweating madly as she tried to cut the thick rope. Finally Anna cut the rope and just before it fell she grabbed it and pulled with all her might. When Anna pulled Ella onto the balcony they were so pleased to see each other. They looked down and saw that the goblins were getting angrier by the minute. They rushed down the narrow stair-case again and came to the massive front door that was covered in lot of different carvings.

They tried to open the great front doors but they wouldn’t move one tiny bit. Anna and Ella were now being surrounded by goblins and the goblins were getting closer. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, Anna spotted the keys on one of the goblins belts. She had to distract them and then grab the keys. “Hey what is that over there”, said Ella. The goblins turned round and then quickly Anna grabbed the keys and shoved them into the rusty lock. She turned the keys and yanked the door open. When they were both safely outside Anna and Ella fell to the ground because they were so tired. It was now lunch time and they were both starving as well as tired.

They both got safely back to their cottage and made a pot of tea and then sat down. Anna asked Ella what had happened and Ella told Anna that she was walking to the shop when she saw a goblin and decided to ignore it. Then the goblin jumped out and grabbed Ella and covered her mouth so she couldn’t talk. Anna and Ella decided to stop talking about the goblins and played a game of fairy fingers, which is a game that you only play in Fairy Land. After that they went out again to the super-market because they needed food.

At the super-market Anna and Ella got all the stuff they needed and they also got a treat to have their dinner. On the way back from the super-market they saw a baby fairy that had been left on their doorstep so they decided to bring it in and look after it. After a week Anna and Ella decided to call the baby Thorn because it was a boy. Anna and Ella were only twelve but in Fairy Land you only have to be ten to look after a baby Time went quickly and soon Thorn was six and he could go on adventures with Anna and Ella. One day Ella, Anna and Thorn all went on a walk up the biggest mountain in Fairy Land and that mountain was called Mount Magic. They all had a great time and when they got half way up the mountain they saw a cave that looked like the goblins cave but a bit bigger. They went inside to see what was there and they saw a light…

When they got further into the cave they saw a bright green tail with spikes on it. They also saw a body of the same color but with red marks on its back. When they looked more closely they could see that it was a dragon but it was a three-headed dragon. One minute later Anna, Ella and Thorn found themselves being chased by the dragon. They were running as fast as their feet could take them but the dragon was still catching up. Suddenly Ella saw a river and said that they needed to get some water from that and throw it on the dragon. When they had thrown the water on the dragon they ran away back to their cottage. They all shut the door quickly behind them. Anna, Ella and Thorn were panting like dogs because they had been running so fast

That evening they all had an early dinner and some hot chocolate and then went to bed. As Thorn got into bed he thought what a wonderful day he would have tomorrow. The next morning when Anna and Thorn got up they noticed that Ella was not in her bed and they thought something had happened to her but when they got downstairs she was in the kitchen making breakfast. Breakfast was lovely because they had eggs, bacon and a drink of orange juice.

After breakfast Anna and Ella went to the shop and told Thorn to stay in the house. When they had gone Thorn heard a knock at the door and went to answer it. When he opened the door there was a tall man standing there wearing big round glasses. The man was very rude and just stepped into the house. He had a clipboard and pen and was going around the little cottage writing things down. After he had finished he left without saying a word. Thorn thought that was a bit funny and he told Anna and Ella when they came home. Ella told him that it was all right and that the man was just the inspector but Thorn still thought it was a bit weird. He decided that that night he would sneak out and find out what was happening.

Thorn had already got his shoes and coat on so he opened the front door quietly and stepped outside. He walked down the street feeling quite cold and then came to a halt. Standing in front of him was a magnificent unicorn with soft golden fur and a long shiny horn. Thorn began to run for his life, back to the cottage. When he was safely back in bed he fell asleep in a minute and dozed happily. He awoke again because he felt a warm fur on his feet. Thorn sat up straight as quickly as he could and stared down at his feet. There was the unicorn sleeping on his bed. The movement of Thorn had woken the unicorn. “Wh..wh..wh…what are you doing on my bed?” asked Thorn. “I am having a nap of course”, said the unicorn. After about ten minutes Thorn and the unicorn were best friends but the unicorn had to go, so Thorn said goodbye and went back to sleep.

The next morning Thorn went downstairs and into the kitchen. Ella and Anna were there but something else was there too, in every corner of the room there was a kitten. Thorn had forgotten it was his birthday and Ella and Anna had got him presents. Thorn was in the living room happily opening his presents when he heard a knock on the door. Anna went to answer it and it was the tall man again. He stepped inside, did what he had done yesterday, and then left.

That afternoon Thorn had a birthday party and all his friends came round. They played musical bumps and hide and seek but best of all they had jelly and ice cream. That night they all went to bed feeling very tired and fell asleep very quickly. In the morning Anna woke up and she didn’t have fairy wings so she went downstairs and there in  the kitchen was her mum, Anna realized that it had all been a dream. “Mum, mum, I had a great dream that was about fairies and goblins and a unicorn”, said Anna. “Well that’s funny because I had the same dream as you!” Said her mum.

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