Capability Scotland Employee Retired After Almost 50 Years

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Willie is due to retire after 47 years at St Jude’s , which is run by Capability Scotland. The long-established supported business offers training, development and progression – through the Jobcentre Plus workstep programme – to disabled people in Edinburgh. It operates as a commercial enterprise, offering a quality laundry service with a personal approach to a wide range of private and commercial customers in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Willie, who has cerebral palsy, featured on posters and advertisements for the charity’s CAN DO camapign two years ago. He started work at the original laundry in 1962 when he was 18 yrs old . Willie was involved in the five year contribution to St Jude’s being awarded the Royal Warrant, as launderers to the Queen, through services to Holyrood Palace. In 1983.


Manager Carole McAlpine said, “Willie has always been a well respected colleague and friend who has made a significant and valued contribution to the running and growth of St Jude’s over the years. His diligence. positive attitude and expertise will be missed.” Whilst Willie opined, “I am very sad to be leaving and will miss my work and colleagues. I have seen a lot of changes, but I’ve enjoyed my time at the laundry. I am looking forward to spending more time at the pub, enjoying my favourite tipple, whisky! “

Notes to readers Capability Scotland campaigns with, and provides services to, disabled children and adults across Scotland. In order that they achieve equality and have choice and control in their lives.

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